Delivery Times & Shipping

The Company will make the delivery using specialised couriers appointed and contracted by them. The courier will be fully responsible for any damage to or loss of the Goods, as well as for any delay in the delivery of the shipment. Regardless of where the residence of the Client is, and what the billing address is, the only Countries to which the Company will deliver the Goods are the following: ITALY, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, DENMARK, FINLAND, FRANCE (mainland only), CORSICA, GERMANY, UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND, SWITZERLAND, LIECHTENSTEIN, LUXEMBOURG, NORWAY, THE NETHERLANDS, SWEDEN , SPAIN (excluded CEUTA and MELILLA), THE BALEARIC ISLANDS, THE CANARY ISLANDS, CYPRUS, GREECE, MALTA, PORTUGAL (mainland only),  BULGARIA, ESTONIA, LATVIA, LITHUANIA, POLAND, ROMANIA, SLOVENIA, HUNGARY, MONTENEGRO 
Should the Client reside in a Country not listed in the list above, they may contact the Company prior to making a purchase to the address in order to obtain a direct quote from the Company of delivery times and costs specifically calculated for each case. Shipments to PO boxes are not possible.

Delivery times

The Company will start the delivery process only when it will have received evidence that payment of the Goods has taken place. The Company will notify the Client of the start of the delivery process by means of an email, containing the estimated delivery time, the tracking number provided by the courier, and the corresponding link for tracking the status of the parcel online. From the time that the Company entrusts the Goods to the courier, to the time in which they are delivered to the Client, no more than twenty (20) days working days (weekdays) should pass. Should this period of time be exceeded, however, no responsibility can be attributed to the Company. The Client or the Client’s designated representative should be present at the time of delivery, in order to ensure that the package is in good condition and that the Goods received correspond to those placed in the Order and confirmed in the Order Confirmation. In case of visible defects, the Company invites the Client or their representative to immediately point out any defects in the transport document carried by the courier (which may also be in digital form), and to immediately inform the Company at the following email address: The delivery will be made at street level between 08:30 and 19:00 from Monday to Friday. The courier is contracted to attempt two successive deliveries to the address indicated by the Client. In the event that no one is available to accept the delivery at the first attempt, the courier will leave a card with a telephone number to coordinate the second delivery attempt. In the absence of contact, the courier will make the second attempt on the next working day. If the second attempt fails, the courier will keep the package for up to ten (10) calendar days, at the cost of six Euro (€6.00), and this amount must be covered by the Client. During the ten-day period described above, the Client may contact the courier to agree a new a delivery attempt. If the Client has not contacted the courier within the aforementioned ten (10) day period, the Order will be automatically cancelled, in accordance with and as a result of art. 1456 (Express termination clause) of Italian Civil Code; the Company will notify the Client via email about his will to use this clause as a result of Client’s non-fulfilment, and the company will reimburse the amount already paid by the Client, minus the delivery and storage costs.

Delivery costs

The delivery charges will be covered by the Client and they will be suitably highlighted in the calculation automatically generated in the system with item “Grand Total”, before the user decides whether or not to confirm the Order.

The company will be exempt from any responsibility connected to and/or resulting from the failed delivery of the goods, including in the case of unforeseeable events or force majeure (for example, strikes, riots, natural disasters).

Last updated February 2018

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